Friday, August 26, 2016

Red Sox Reflection

Red Sox fans are everywhere.
This summer I ran into one on a lakeside trail in Oregon!
I spotted the cap,
and then noticed that the guy in the cap was trying to take a selfie.
{a boyfriend/girlfriend selfie}
So, of course, I offered to take a pic or two for them.

We got to chatting
{please don't tattle on me.
I'm not sure the rest of my family likes it that I chat with nature-trail strangers}
He's a sox fan cause he grew up with Jacoby Elsbury.
He's planning a trip to Boston.
Said there were three things he wants to see:
Fenway Park
The brick line on the sidewalk
{otherwise known as the Freedom Trail}
The Oldest Sports Bar in the Country.

Well, that last tourist destination made me laugh!
My son is one of the managers at that "historic" land mark.
A bar, otherwise known as McGreevy's,
that dates way way back.
As many things in Bean-town do.

So I pointed across the lake,
told that guy that the kid fishing on the other side was one of the bar managers
and gave him my son's name.
Who knows, maybe someday he'll really drop in!

I then, of course, asked him if he could stand really still.
Cause on top of his sox hat
there sat a great pair of camo-reflective sunglasses.
And I could see the sky and the great Oregon pines.
And I wanted a pic.

Don't tell anyone about that either.
My poor family would be so embarrassed!

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